Building Organizational Resilience for Emergencies- Being Ready All the Time

Every person and every business as well as organizations are in danger daily.

Different emergencies such as: Earthquakes, Floods, Hazardous Materials, Fires Etc, can  take us by surprise, leaving us no time to prepare.

Preparedness for all emergencies requires early preparation; I.e. Preparations in  routine, everyday life.
All this is needed in order to succeed in coping with the dangers and to keep business  continuity during disaster.

"All Hazard Approach" and "Organizational Resilience" is concept developed by Dr. Chilik  Soffer, aimed at preparing business and different other organizations (such as local  authorities, emergency organizations)

Dr. Chilik Soffer – International Expert in Organizational Preparedness in Emergencies:

Dr. Chilik Soffer is an expert in the field of disaster management in many disciplines: 
Population preparedness including managers and workers, Civil Defense, Protection  Means, Command and Control systems, Warning systems, Backup IT systems etc.

Dr. Chilik Soffer has both operational and academic background in several fields:
 PhD in Disaster Management and Emergencies.
 Colonel (Ret) Former Head of the Civil Defense Department in Home Front  Command- IDF.
 Senior lecturer in Ben Gurion University in the Disaster Management program.
 Wide experience in population preparedness dealing with Local Authorities, Ministries, National  infrastructure.
 Author of the Israeli model of coping with severe earthquake.
 Lecturer in Israel and abroad on topics related to preparedness in emergencies.

The Aim of the Program

Comprehensive program enables active coping of an organization/company in times  of crisis in order to minimize the potential damages and return to business  Continuity in a short time.
Return to functioning in short time will give a clear advantage to companies doing so.

The C-Defense Proposal

C-Defense Ltd. Company under the management of Dr. Soffer offers, building of an  Organizational system to cope with emergencies and creation of Organizational  Resilience Plan. The solution for each organization will be "Tailor Made".

 Survey of the organization and disaster assessment
 Mapping needs to cope with emergencies
 Instruction and training of managers and workers
 Preparing infrastructure for emergencies: mapping protection spaces, alert systems etc
 Preparing emergency plans


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